Too Much Dedication?

I must have caught a stomach bug because I was not feeling well all day yesterday.  The cramping and nausea came in waves, but I had a lesson, so I pulled it together enough to drag myself into the car and to the barn.

I remained bent over as I tacked up.  But, once on, my desire to ride overcame my discomfort.  But, I have to say, cantering did not do anything to help me feel any better.  I had to battle the pains coming from my belly to keep going after we took a break to change directions.  But I persevered.  And had a great lesson in that I got PJ straight into the outside rein both directions and I was straight.  Problem is, because I was distracted by the pain, I don’t remember everything I did or felt.  Funny how my brain could only process one thing at a time and the stomach thing took precedence.

Whatever I caught is still with me today, but I think I’m going to take it easy and remain on the couch with some ginger ale.

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