No Shoe. No Problem.

Okay, well, it was a small problem that could have been a bigger problem.  I got soaking wet trying to find PJ’s shoe in ankle deep mud that sucked you in even deeper if you stood in one place too long.  All while it poured rain when the weather people said it should have stopped by then.  Normally I would have given up long before I did but this was a more expensive snow shoe.

I did finally have to give up when the vet showed up to give PJ his spring shots.  Then I did a lesson, mainly at the walk.  We did a lot of shoulder-in and to the left it wasn’t half-bad. PJ was a little off so we kept it short, but it was successful.

As my lesson ended, so did the rain, so out again I went to find the shoe.  This time, Barbara joined me.  She went down one side of the paddock, and I went down the other.  I tried to follow the poop piles. I figured where there were more poop piles, the horses had spent more time.  I was right.  In an area where there were five clustered heaps, the shoe was sticking out of the mud like the shoot of a flower trying to be seen under the snow.  Okay, maybe it was not so dramatic.

I went back into the barn to hose it off, as well as my boots, which looked more brown than black at this point.  My farrier’s good, so I’m hopeful that he’ll have PJ’s shoe back where it belongs before tomorrow.

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