Less is More

At my last lesson I made a conscious effort to ride like a hunter princess.  No, I didn’t stick my butt out and arch my back.  I just decided to try to sit there and look pretty instead of trying to do so much.  And guess what? PJ went better.

Today I did the same thing and Barbara said we had the best ride ever.  The biggest improvement was in my outside rein going to the left – our bad direction.  I always lose the contact.  Today, because I just let my arms hang there, I was able to keep the contact.  I kept my hands together, above the withers. I stayed centered in the saddle.  And PJ responded by rounding his back and working with more impulsion.

It’s just so hard to stop myself from constantly making adjustments in response to what I think I feel.  And maybe if I was a better rider, my adjustments would be correct.  But by being stiller, PJ had to come to me instead of me changing in response to him.  It was a great feeling and actually a little easier mentally than what I had been doing.  Maybe riding is more simple than I’ve been thinking it is?  Just not easy!

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