Driving Lesson

Instead of a riding lesson, I asked Barbara to give me a trailer driving lesson.  Her farm is set up perfectly for that.  We started with hooking up the truck to the trailer, which was not easy considering it involved backing up just enough and at the right angle.  It took me a few times and having Barbara telling me when to stop.

Once we were hooked up I drove the trailer to what will one day be our outdoor arena.  While she set up some poles for me to back through, I practiced backing up straight with the indoor wall as my guide, going forward and backing up; repeat.  Then I tried to back up in between the poles.  Barbara alternated sitting next to me in the truck and getting out and directing where I should turn the wheel.  I did it from the right and then from the left.  It was hard!

Then we took it on the road.  But before that Barbara had me test the brakes and it was a good thing I did because it turned out that the electric hadn’t been plugged in enough and the breaks weren’t working.  I fixed the situation and away we went.

Barbara helped me make right turns and left turns, avoid a snow plow, and how to go over a bridge without bouncing the trailer.  Then we got back home and I had to back up to park it.  A trick to back it into the right parking space is to put the wood that I was using to block the tires when parked right where I want the tires to go and use them as a guide.

She left the poles out and I’ll practice again later in the week.

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