Away We Go

I took the plunge.  I bought a truck and trailer.  Three weeks ago I bought the truck (trading in my car that I LOVED to now drive a boat).  Today I drove 2 hours and bought a trailer. I thought I would need to order a new trailer but they said I could have the one on the lot that had been built in Oct 2012.  However, the truck isn’t quite ready to drive away towing anything – it needs a break controller.  The truck was used, the trailer is new.

But soon I will be able to have the freedom to go to a show if I want, or take a clinic without begging someone to take it with me.  I’m so excited.  On the other hand, I’m terrified to drive it.   Right now, I’m also exhausted from the adrenaline rush.  AAAHHH.

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One Response to Away We Go

  1. onthebit says:

    Yay!!!!!!!! This is so exciting!!! You are going to love it! And considering I, the biggest weenie in the world, can drive a rig you will be fine!

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