Shoulder-in Soldier On

I moved my Tuesday lesson to today due to work commitments.  With it being so cold, PJ was forward but a little tight – a lesser version than he was at the show, which was a good thing because Barbara gave me some ideas to get him to relax.  She had me bend and counter-bend on a circle to laterally stretch him.  For longitudinal stretch, I kept him on a long and low rein.  He quickly warmed up and it was time for real work.

Barbara said it was time to work on more new stuff and she suggested shoulder-in.  At first I just worked at sitting trot – ouch.  I hadn’t expected to ride today, so when I went to the gym, I ran on the treadmill, which always makes my hips tight.  Not good for sitting trot.  But I muddled through.  Then we worked on shoulder-in.  I can’t say I felt or saw exactly what PJ was doing it, so it was good to only being doing it in the presence of a ground person.  Barbara told me “yes, you got it” or “oops, his shoulders are back on the rail,” or “oops, you had it but now it’s too much.”  PJ changed from wrong to right to wrong so fast that I couldn’t quite figure it out right away.  Eventually, I could get 2 (literally 2) steps before I lost it, but I sort of felt it.  This is not something I will try on my own.

Despite having GREAT lessons each time, I’m still not motivated to ride outside of lessons. Hopefully with the change of weather, I’ll have a change of attitude. Until then, I’ll just look forward to my next lesson.

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