A Real Ride

Finally, my entire ride isn’t my warm-up!  It used to be that my entire 45-min lesson was an attempt to get PJ moving correctly at walk-trot-canter, and usually ended up with both of us exhausted by the time we got it.  But today, I had a normal 20-minute warm-up.  We walked and trotted and cantered and he worked from back to front and was in front of my leg.  Then we moved on to new stuff!

Barbara thought the best new stuff to try was medium trot.  To get it, we worked on short diagonals.  I needed to half halt an get him to sit and then send him forward across the diagonal.  The problem was that I couldn’t get him to sit enough – meaning I couldn’t get him to sit more than (our new) normal, and then when I sent him forward, I pushed too hard and he rushed.  To help us, we did a 10-meter circle before going forward.  It was quite obvious that I couldn’t get him to sit in the 10-m circle because he slowed down instead of sat and it was hard to keep the size small.  After a number of tries, Barbara had us switch tactics and try shoulder-in to get him to reach with the inside hind.  That took the rest of our lesson time, but I was able to feel a little of what I was after.  So, my goal is to get PJ to sit a little more than normal and then be able to send him forward without rushing.

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