Horse Show Roundup

I did not sleep at all last night in anticipation of today’s adventure, which made my alarm going off at 5am not a lot of fun.  I pulled myself out of bed, got dressed, and headed out the door.  I showed in my white breeches but I didn’t wear a jacket or stock tie or anything.  Instead I wore a polo shirt with two long-john shirts underneath (plus two long-john pants under my breeches).

When I flipped on the lights at the barn at 6am, all of the horses begged to be fed but PJ was the only lucky one.  Other than his tail, he was pretty clean but his mane was a mess.  I had banded it over instead of braiding. I was afraid that if it snowed a lot, we wouldn’t go to the show, so I wanted him to be able to go out.  I ended up taking out all of the bands and just leaving his mane down.

Eva was right on time and PJ didn’t give me too much trouble getting on the trailer.  The show was about 20 minutes away.  There were only about 10 people showing and they set it up so that there were groups of 2-4 riders at a time schooling and then showing, since there was only room to school in the actual show ring.  Eva and I were first and second.

PJ stood quietly while I took off his wraps and tacked him up.  He was a bit up and I wish I had more schooling time, but over all, he was much better than he was at the last show.  He still got distracted, but he listened to me this time when I told him to pay attention.  I had no problem getting him to go, and in fact, I had to do more half-halting to get him to sit and not rush.

His issue was that he was tense (not in a scared way – in a hyper way).  For the first test, which was TL3, we both relied on the reins too much.  Me, to get him to pay attention; him as part of his comfort zone.  For the second test (TL2) I really tried not to use my hands and he rose up to the challenge.  We got a 64% at TL3 and a 67.5% for TL2.  Although I think the scores are a bit inflated, the fact that he was better than the last show was all that matters.

We left before they could place our classes, so I don’t know how we did relative to the few  others in our classes.  PJ was even better about getting on the trailer to go home than he had to go there – a first.

I also saw friends I hadn’t seen in forever.  Catching up with them took some time a way from my warm-up, but in the great scheme of things, I’m fine with that.  However, it was so cold.  I’m still not warmed up and I’ve been home for 3 hours already!

Although I am very pumped from out success today, I still think I need a break.  For at least a week or two, I’m going to ride only during lessons.  Lessons have been going so well that they invigorate me.  On the other days, I may or may not go to the barn, and if I do, I may just brush him or teach him to come when I call or some other game.  I hate February.

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