Ho Hum

I just haven’t felt like riding.  Maybe it was the really cold weather we had last week that just sucked my motivation.  Could be a mild case of seasonal affective disorder – now that we have an indoor, I’m not outside in the sun as much.  I have a lot of work – that could be part of it.  Maybe I just need a break.

I rode yesterday for only 20 minutes.  It was windy enough that the indoor was shaking.  PJ came out tense, not to mention stiff from Bridget’s ride the day before.  Once I got him relaxed, I quit.  Today I had a lesson that lasted maybe 40 minutes.  He went so well, we didn’t see a reason to keep pushing.

I’m supposed to have a show on Sunday.  It’s also supposed to snow on Sunday.  I’m at the point where I don’t care if we go.

I just hope it gets warm soon or at least doesn’t get any colder.  But it is February, so there’s not much luck of either scenario.  Oh well, March is only 27 days away.

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