Not So Much Fun In the Cold

I was supposed to watch Bridget ride PJ at around noon today but work got in the way and I cancelled.  I was unhappy about having to miss watching PJ go, but I was more upset that I wouldn’t be able to get PJ’s neck cover to him – his neck is totally clipped.  It is 10 deg after all.  I even asked a friend to pick it up if she was headed to the barn but she couldn’t make it either.

Then the stars aligned late afternoon, and I was able to go after all and Bridget hadn’t ridden him yet. Yay.  I rushed over there.  I froze getting PJ ready. I felt so bad because every time I tried to take a blanket off, I shocked him.  He was so jumpy by the time I finished tacking him up.  Then I froze watching Bridget ride him. But it was worth it because it was the best he had ever gone.  Then I froze untacking him and getting him ready for “bed,” but he wouldn’t freeze any more because I put on his neck cover.

I’m sick of winter already.  That’s not a good sign!

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