A Close Community

I love how horse friends look out for each other – at least around here.  At horse shows I don’t ever see anyone being mean to a fellow competitor or doing anything to sabotage their ride.  In fact, usually people wish each other good luck, and seem ready to help hold a horse or fix a stock tie for total strangers if necessary.

This weekend I have had friends step up to help me.  PJ and I are going to a horse show!  Here’s the story on how it is coming to be (I don’t want to jinx it as the show is tomorrow and a lot can happen in a day).  First, before the New Year, Barbara suggested another student of hers, Kelly, and I have lunch, thinking we would get along.  I was friendly with Kelly already; we had been in camp together and I saw her at shows but this was the first time we really talked. Over lunch she told me about a show her barn was hosting the first weekend in January. When I said I would love to go but didn’t have a ride, she didn’t hesitate to come up with a plan to get me there.  She said she would schedule a lesson with Barbara, trailer her horse over to my farm, pick up PJ, and bring him back to where she boards for a sleepover, then we would all show on Sunday and she would bring us back.  That was very nice of her but also of the barn owner who offered to turn one of her own horses out, so that PJ could have a stall.  And nice of the show secretary to let us sign up even without an extra fee though it was way past the closing date.

Of course, plans don’t always work out.  Kelly’s grandmother died New Years eve and the funeral is today, so no lesson for Kelly, although she is showing tomorrow, but no ride for PJ.  But she suggested I call another friend, Eva, who lives close to my barn and was also going.  Eva was more than happy to take us.

So, a big thank you to Kelly, Eva, Anne (barn owner), and Susan (show secretary) for their kindness and help in getting me to this show. I can’t wait until tomorrow!!!

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