Habits Are Hard to Break Even for Horses

PJ likes to throw his head up during up transitions (mainly canter transitions).  We’re pretty sure it started because when I first got him he wasn’t strong enough to get the transition without lifting his head and throwing himself into the next gait.  Now that’s he’s stronger, he just thinks he needs to raise his head to get the up transition.  He thinks that’s how we want it.

To help teach him that he doesn’t have to raise his head, Bridget rode him in draw reins today.  He did great.  And it wasn’t because his head was forced down.  He actually figured it out how to get the up transitions using his hind end, coming through his back, and lifting his shoulders.  At the end Bridget said he wasn’t hitting the draw reins at all.  A couple of more rides and he’ll have it figured out.  I can’t wait to see how he is for me.

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