Be Still My Lower Leg

Barbara has repeatedly remarked that my lower legs hit his side with every stride.  Yeah, I know.  I’ve spent entire rides staring at the mirror and adjusting everything and anything to no get them to stop to no avail.

At my lesson on Tuesday, she first had me try to squeeze my legs around the horse but that didn’t work.  Then she said, “Try taking your legs off.”  I did and not only did my legs become stiller but when I did put them on, PJ listened.  Pretty cool. Of course this is in opposition to what the dressage books teach you – to lay your legs against the horse like a wet noodle.

Today I tried again to keep my legs off and only put them on when I needed them.  He was definitely more responsive, but I need to be a little more consistent.  When I do put my leg on, he NEEDS to listen.  If not, then click once and if that doesn’t work, then whip (that’s what Tik did when he got on PJ at the clinic).  I nag too much.  But, I think I’ve put another piece into the puzzle.

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