Finding My Seat – Finally

In riding, do we really learn from our mistakes? I asked myself this question today after having a great lesson.  For 30+ years I’ve been riding a certain way (albeit with definite improvements along the way).  These past two lessons I went from following PJ’s movement with my seat in a pendulum fashion to pushing with my seat in a half-pendulum way (see previous post).  The difference in how PJ went was like night and day.

This is all good.  Why I thought about the original question, was that I was really thinking if it would have been better if I had done the half-pendulum thing right from the beginning of my riding career?  Or is it because I can tell wrong (old way) from right (new way) that it will actually make me a better rider?  I have a better understanding of how my position influences the horse?

I don’t know.  But I do know that I think PJ is much happier with me.

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One Response to Finding My Seat – Finally

  1. Net says:

    I think it means you would not be as good at explaining it to others. 🙂

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