Sometimes a Ride is Not Worth It

A snow storm was predicted to start just in time for my lesson today.  I looked out the window before I had to leave and the road in front of my house looked fine.  It had rained all morning and the white flakes had only started to fall when I pulled out of the driveway.  That quickly changed.

I made the stupid decision to not take the main (but longer road) to the barn, thinking it would be less crowded to take the back roads.  By then it was almost a white out but I was close to the barn and thought that it should be okay.  I drove slow and everything was fine until I got to the top of a big hill.  I had already slowed down to a crawl but just as I was cresting the top, I realized I couldn’t stop.  I had to use the hand break but there I was perched on the hill looking down.  I tried to back up and ended spinning around, miraculously without banging into the banks on either side of the road.  So, now that I was facing back up the hill I gunned it and I don’t know how my little car did it, but it made it back to the top.  I couldn’t tell if it was my leg or the clutch shaking; I was just thankful to be safe(ish).

I still had another hill to navigate before I could make it back to the main road.  This part of the road wasn’t as icy but I still drove one inch at a time until I was on flat ground.  Then I called Barbara.  I told her I was not going to make it.  Maybe I could have continued on the main roads but the snow was only getting worse.

When I got home I had the brilliant idea to take the dog for a long walk to try to enjoy the snow.  I put her coat on and my hat on and we set off.  Well, her enthusiasm for getting out of the house was quickly dashed when her head became soaked with slushy snow.  So instead we went around the block and are now sitting on the couch under the covers with a hot chocolate.  Much better.

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One Response to Sometimes a Ride is Not Worth It

  1. feistylynnie says:

    I enjoyed your story very much. Glad you are safe!

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