A Light Seat and a Forward Horse

On Sunday I rode back in the sandbox.  I experimented with two-point at the trot.  I felt a little stuck, and hoped that it would get my joints working again.  It did.

From my ankles to my hips, I got bouncy again and so did PJ.  But I don’t think it was only that my joints were working.  I think the lightness of my seat also contributed.  That got me thinking that maybe I’m too heavy in my seat.

At my lesson I experimented.  I tried to keep in my mind the light seat I felt in two-point in addition to keeping my joints loose.  And….I had a great lesson.  PJ was very forward and I had no problem keeping him that way.  It also helped that I tapped tapped tapped him with the whip at the walk until he was moving nicely.  And that Barbara and I figured out that PJ needs to start off on a loose rein, so he feels he can stretch his neck and body without being restricted; then I can pick up the reins.  It’s all coming together!

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