I Think I Worry Too Much

Between the hurricane and the Nor’ester I worried that PJ didn’t have enough blanket on him.  He has a blanket clip and the only clothing I had on him was a California Turnout (it has a little fill).  I thought for the afternoons he should have been fine but the mornings were much colder than I thought they would be for this time of year.  The day of the Nor-ester, I put a medium T/O on him.  I felt pretty good about that decision even though he would be in for the rest of the day.  The next day we woke up to a snow covered landscape and it was freezing, as was Thursday. The Medium was a perfect choice.

But then came today.  I woke up to ice on the roads.  I get to the barn and PJ didn’t seem warm under the medium.  Good.  I rode and then had to make a decision about what blanket to put on him.  It wouldn’t have been a big deal except I am leaving for a 4-day trip during which it’s supposed to get really warm.  The medium would definitely be too much, but I wondered if it was warm enough for just the Cali T/O.  If I left him in, I would be confident that he would be fine for while I was away, but I didn’t want to leave him in.  Barbara suggested I step outside to see if at gotten any warmer and it had, so I put on the Cali T/O and sent him on his way. I think he should be fine in that for while I’m gone but it’s supposed to get to almost 70 deg, and at that point, no blanket may be appropriate.  I told the barn owner where all of his sheets are, including his regular T/O without any fill, but I don’t expect her to change his clothing.  There are just too many horses to do that for everyone.  I know he’ll be fine, but I know I’ll be watching the weather and worrying anyway.

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