Go PJ Go!

So I told Barbara about my new exercise and then I showed her.  She thought it was an excellent exercise but that I wasn’t doing it right.  She said PJ wasn’t sitting enough.  He was slowing down instead of bending his hind joints more and lifting his front end.

She told me to think piaffe when I half-halted.  I came off the pattern and worked in a 20-meter circle.  In my mind I thought I must look ridiculous.  I felt like I was doing so much. I took my whole leg off and put it back on while I sat hard on his back, I pushed my core out, and tightened my elbows against my side and then released as I came back up in the post. Then repeat for a few strides.

I have to admit that while I felt him change, I’m not sure I have it solidified how it felt different from when he just slows down.  But Barbara said I had it.  And then when I sent him forward again I got a huge surge.  PJ was actually going forward and he kept it going.  It felt like what it’s supposed to feel like – a horse going forward without me killing myself.  When he started to lose it, I just did another piaffe-like half-halting.  Go PJ go!

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