Scribing Fun

I used to scribe at at least 2 shows a year, but the volunteer organizer is in charge of training judges, so now all the scribe positions go to her trainees.  That’s fine but I really like to scribe, so when an email went out to be a scribe at a recognized horse trials at the NJHP, I jumped at it.

I have to say that horse trials are run a lot more lax compared to dressage shows, or at least this one was.  Even though it was a recognized event it seemed to be run like a schooling show.  I was recruited only 4 days before.  There was no fanfare, no vendors.  We lost our runner half-way through (it was raining and cold, so I don’t blame her).  The judging was very (very) generous.

I didn’t learn much.  The eventing tests are run in a small arena and the movements come up very quickly, so I end up doing more writing than watching.  Also, with the  quality of rides being on the lower end (Novice and Beginner Novice), I didn’t get much out of it.  That’s not to say these were not great horses.  It’s hard being a jack of all trades and I admire these people for being able to gallop over those intimidating cross-country fences, or really any fences.  I’m glad I got to see a horse trials up close and personal, and I’ll definitely volunteer again if the opportunity arises.  I just hope I get to see some Prelim and Training rides next time.

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