Sometimes There Is Magic

And today was one of those days.  I figured out a way to get PJ to go forward, which meant all of my other aids could work correctly. Yay!  That feeling that I could turn at any time, that he was in my hand but not forced there, that bounce underneath me.  I’m on cloud nine right now.

To get him to go forward, I did a rapid successions of banging with my legs (or just the inside one depending on what he needed).  It’s hard to explain how I did it.  I made my legs looser and picked up my heels.  The result was that my feet banged around in the stirrups.  The goal is for me not to have to raise my heel and just to be able to use my calf, so today’s method is just a step and not the end product to get him to go.  Barbara warned me to be careful.  She said I MUST ask first with my calf and then do this leg thing if he doesn’t listen or else he will become dead to the leg thing.  Got it. But for now, I’m thrilled I actually got PJ to go and everything else fell into place.

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