Devon Has Come and Gone

It seems like there is such excitement building up to Dressage at Devon (DaD) each year.  And I’m not even showing!!!!  DaD is my long-term goal but it’s a long, long way off.  However, Bridget was showing both in the Prix St. George and I1 classes, Friday and Saturday, respectively.

Bridget had started planning for DaD months ago because she needed to qualify, so she had to pick the shows and then prepare for those shows.  Then there was sending in her entry and figuring out what to pack and how long she would board there, etc.  The week before, she had to carefully figure out how to school and when to give him rest, etc.

Then there were the rest of us: Bridget’s cheering section.  Eileen, Betsy, and I decided to go together on Saturday to watch Bridget in the I1.  If we felt like it, we would stay for the freestyles.  Then Betsy decided to go on her own to visit a friend who lived nearby.  Barbara also arranged a car load to go on Saturday.  Then there was another group from a different barn but who takes lessons from Barbara and who was at camp who also arranged to be there on Saturday.  There was planning when we would all leave and how we would find each other.  Of course, Bridget didn’t find out her ride time until Thursday, so we all had to scramble with texts to keep our respective groups informed of departure times.

But we all made it there.  We watched rides. We went shopping. We ate junk food.  And then we watched Bridget school and then show.  I definitely think our group was the loudest cheering section.  Bridget did great but had a minor equipment malfunction.  Disappointing but it was a good time.  Then, it was all over and we all dispersed to our respective cars and headed for home.  Bridget packed up the next day and thankfully, she and Fitz arrived home in one piece.

I did get some good shopping in: a saddle pad, a turnout halter, a belt.  I must say thank you to a very nice woman who gave up the only Horse-sized halter in a bin of very cheap-but-huge-or-tiny leather halters.  We were both looking in the bin but she had the only normal sized one.  I went into the main store tent and felt a tap on my shoulder.  There she was and she passed me the halter, asking if I was looking for a Horse size.  I said I was.  She said, “Here, take it.  I really don’t need it.”  I thought that was such a nice thing to do (these halters were that inexpensive.)  There are still nice people in the world!

But, just like that, it was over.  Until next year!

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