It’s Getting Better

That was the last thing Barbara said at the end of my lesson.  Bridget had said PJ started off bad on Wednesday when she rode him. I gave him off Thursday and when I tried to ride on Friday, he was a little uneven – just stiff.  Since my lesson was moved to Sunday, instead of trying to push through it on my own, I took him for a hack, which was a lot of fun.  Saturday he had off because I went to Dressage at Devon.  It seemed like everyone was having a lesson on Sunday, which was nice to see because often the barn is like a ghost town.

Most of my lesson wasn’t bad – not as great as in previous lessons but better than others.  Then we worked on left lead canter.  He just didn’t want to push with his inside hind and leaned on his outside shoulder.  I didn’t know how to adjust my body and fix it.  It was spiraling downhill.  We were fighting each other.  I think it was me releasing my outside pinky finger but finally we got it.  Just that little give on my part, allowed PJ to relax and we stopped fighting with each other.  What I did with my pinky finger was an accident.  I was trying to hold the outside rein tight (while pushing with my inside leg) because he was bulging out that outside shoulder.  But maybe I had too much tension.  What this taught me was that I need to allow him to answer my request.  In this case the request being the tight rein, the allowing being the release of my pinky finger. I gave him an inch and he gave me a mile.  Lesson learned.

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