I Was Talked Off the Ledge

I was very upset about Championships (so upset I was thinking I would just skip showing ever again).  Not about coming in 4th.  It was that darn 54%.  There’s no way my ride was a 54%.  PJ and I have never gotten a 54% even when we didn’t pick up the canter!  And if it was, then I should just quit riding now because I haven’t a clue what I’m feeling underneath me.  I figured I got a 60% based on previous scores/rides and all of the scribing I’ve done.  I was shocked by the low score.  More than that.  I was 3rd after the first class but in the second class, I was 7th!!! And I saw some of the other horses, and I’m sorry but I did better than someone who was running around on their forehand.  (I’m not one to want to “beat” people.  That’s not what I’m talking about. I just want everyone’s scores to be fair.)

Barbara said it was just one test and one judge and that I should move on.  She would like to see the video on a big screen but what she saw on the little video camera screen she didn’t think was bad.  It also helped that I had a good lesson despite the hurricane raging outside – that’s one reason I love this horse – he’s level headed and I don’t have to worry.  She did say I had to stop riding with two whips, so that PJ didn’t realize there was such a change in how he’s supposed to go (no whips in Championships).  I think I need to go to another show before the season is over to get my confidence back.

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