A Different Attitude

Today I took no shit from PJ.  When he didn’t go, I got after him.  If he didn’t move off my inside leg, I made him.  If I felt the contact lacking, I increased it.  Now, I’ve been trying to do this every time I ride but in the back of my mind are always doubts about my own abilities.  Is PJ not doing what I’m asking because I’m asking incorrectly or because he’s just not doing it?  That’s the fundamental question that gets in my way.  But today I decided that I wasn’t doing it incorrectly and that it was PJ just not doing it.  And guess what? I had a fabulous lesson.  Was it perfect? Heck no.  Did I ask incorrectly? Definitely at times.  But overall, my new found confidence was a plus, even though I have NO idea where it came from.  Now I just need to keep it up.

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