The Eyes Have It

Yesterday I had a busy day and it did not involve the barn because I was too busy.  Now, I don’t carry my cell phone everywhere and I don’t check it on as much of a regular basis as I maybe should. I got home around 5pm, ate dinner, and didn’t think about my phone until 8:30pm when I heard it bing with a text.  I looked at text and then saw I had a phone message.  I dialed voicemail and heard Bridget saying that PJ’s eye was all swollen with yellow pus coming out and that “she thought the vet should be called.” She left this message at 1:30, but like I said, I only got it at 8:30.  Of course, I panicked.  I called her back but couldn’t get her. I texted her but no response. I called Barbara who was away and said she saw his eye on her way out but thought Bridget had it under control by calling me and didn’t know what Bridget had done other than to call me.

I’ve told Barbara time and again when I’ve traveled that if she thought the vet needed to be called to call him first and me second.  Obviously, these instructions were not passed on to Bridget.  I didn’t know what to do but go out to the barn and check for myself.  My husband was sweet and came with me.  It was raining and the power was out in the entire valley.  It was VERY dark when I pulled into the driveway and I was surprised that the horses were out, including my PJ, especially if he had an eye problem.  That meant I had to go and find him in his field.  I left my husband by the gait and headed around the pasture on the outside of the fence with my little flashlight in hand.  I made sure to talk a lot, so the horses would know I wasn’t a threat.  Luckily, they were only in the second pasture and not all of the way in the far field.  When they saw me, PJ and his group actually came over instead of running away. I could easily recognize PJ’s glowing eyes (the way his head was up) even though it was so pitch black that the reflection from my flashlight was the only thing I could see of the horses.  I climbed the fence into the pasture to get a good look at PJ but it was not a safe situation because I couldn’t see any horse that was more than 3 feet away from me, and I knew that one was behind me.

Thankfully, the other horses left me alone and PJ’s eye looked normal.  No swelling, no tearing.  I let him go and climbed back over the fence.  At least I would be able to sleep that night.  I went to the barn this morning in the light of day and his eye still looked fine.  Good.  I just don’t want to think about what could have been if he really did have a problem and the vet wasn’t called. Not good.

I’m not faulting Bridget and Barbara because I understand that some boarders don’t just want the vet called without their permission, but I’m not one of them. Barbara and Bridget are conservative about calling the vet, so I trust if they thought the vet should be called that it really would be an issue.  I stressed to Barbara again today that if there is ever a question, call the vet. I rather pay for a false alarm than miss a therapeutic window because they couldn’t reach me.  Hopefully this type of situation will not happen again.  All’s well that ends well.

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One Response to The Eyes Have It

  1. feistylynnie says:

    Oh, No!!I can imagine how upset you were when you heard that! I’d have panicked and run right over there too. I’m so glad he is ok!!

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