Is It Time?

My car is on its last wheel, so to speak.  And the thought came to me that instead of replacing it, maybe I should look into getting a truck and trailer.  I hate relying on others if I want to go to a show or clinic.  But on the flip side, I hate going to shows alone – it’s boring.  But if I had a 2-horse, maybe I could get others to come with me.  Maybe we’re all in a state of inertia waiting for a ride?  Barbara thinks it’s not a bad idea.

All I would want is a 2-horse, straight load trailer with escape doors on both sides and no manger. I don’t want a dressing room because it adds weight.  Then there comes the issue of the tow vehicle.  I love love love my little manual sports car.  I don’t know if I would be happy driving a big automatic SUV or truck every day.  Keeping both vehicles is not really an option because I don’t have room at home and the sports car will be needing maintenance (it’s closing in on 200,000 miles).  Looking at SUVs, which fit my lifestyle better than pick-ups, it’s so hard to determine what will be able to pull a horse trailer but not be so humungous that I can still drive it.  I really like the VW Touareg, but have no clue if it can pull a trailer. It has a 7000+ towing capacity (which is enough) but it’s wheelbase is short.  That’s about the extent of my horse trailer knowledge.  Barbara suggested I give her friend, a truck mechanic, a call and see what he thinks about towing vehicles.  I have some time before I’ll need a new vehicle but there’s a very steep learning curve, so I’m starting early.  And let’s not even think about the fact that I’ve never hauled a trailer before!

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2 Responses to Is It Time?

  1. onthebit says:

    I really think you should do it! I know you want to go with friends, but if you get a brenderup one horse you can tow it with something like a RAV 4. You just want to make sure that your tow vehicle out weighs your total trailering weight (i.e. weight with horses in it). What about a Dodge Durango? When I was thinking about getting an SUV I was looking at those. You enjoy showing and clinicing so wouldn’t it be great to see a flyer for something and just go?

    • tryingtoride says:

      The Dodge Durango and VW Touareg have very close to the same towing weight (7400 Dodge vs. 7200 VW). I have some time to think about it b/c my car probably has another year on it.

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