Trail Ride Time!

Okay, I admit it. I had a bit of a hangover this morning (dinner with parents – needed wine).  I got to the barn and the thought of having to actual ride was not appealing.  Luckily, McKenna was more than happy to take Phoenix on a trail ride with me and PJ.  I don’t like going off the property by myself due to safety reasons, but here I had a friend, so over to the neighbor’s we went!

We had gone all of the way around the field towards the neighbor’s outdoor ring and low and behold, there was Bridget riding the neighbor’s pony!  She waved, and so we went on down to say “hi.”  Bridget, who is, I don’t know, 5’9″ looked pretty funny on this 13.2 hh pony, especially as they did flying changes across the diagonal.  When they were done, we followed them down to the barn and called the neighbor to tell her she had company.  Bridget opened the door to the indoor and we walked around in there for a while and chatted with the neighbor before heading back for home.

Somewhere along the way, PJ lost his left front shoe, which is not a huge deal because he’s due on Wednesday for new shoes and I kept him walking through the tall grass, which was softer.  He only had a little bit of a problem on the stone driveway.

Both horses were great.  The company was fun.  Everyone had a good time. And I went home for more aspirin.

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