Be Prepared

That’s the boy scout motto: be prepared. PJ and I qualified for our GMO Championships on Sept 16.  It is based on schooling show scores but the show is run like any other championships.  I can’t use my whip.  I do both TL tests and the scores are averaged.  I’m very excited but also nervous, which is stupid.  I have to think that this is just another show.  Our world won’t end if we don’t do well.  However, if all of the stars align, meaning that PJ is normal PJ and not stupid PJ and I’m on my game, then we have a shot at doing well.

To help nudge the stars in the right direction, I want to be as prepared as possible, so I ran through both of my tests today.    They didn’t go badly.  Where I feel I’m not prepared is that I really wish I could have taken him to more shows this year.  We did get off the property for that clinic in June but I keep thinking back to the USET shows, where he was really spooked.  He’s been to the Horse Park before, which is where Championships is being held, and he was more up but not stupid, so I’m hopeful.  I also got him a stall, so he’ll be able to chill a little; he’s never had a stall off the farm, so this will also be a learning experience for him in preparation of overnight, rated shows.  There were just so many things pulling at my time this summer that horse shows were not at the top of my priority list.  It also doesn’t help that I don’t have a truck and trailer, so I’m at the whim of others.  Since I only have 2 weeks, my plan is to take PJ for more hacks to at least get him out and listening to me in strange environments.  Wish us luck!

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