Things Are Looking Up

Saturday things started looking up.  PJ’s leg looked better.  It still wasn’t completely unswollen but it was almost normal.  I gave him the day off.

Sunday, his leg looked even better and Maryann and I decided to take our boys out on a trail ride – just walking.  We just went around the back field.  It was very peaceful and we didn’t get attacked by bugs.  It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning with nature and good company.  When we got back, Barbara suggested I wrap his leg just to be on the safe side.  I gave him off Monday.

Today his leg looked completely back to normal and I had a lesson.  He was super. The best he’s been.  I could get him forward and pushing.  I could keep a contact.  We only worked for about 30 minutes and quit because he was so good.  It was hot and humid and even after only that half-hour of work, PJ and I were both dripping with sweat.  I’m very happy right now because if we can keep it up, we’re on our way to first level!

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