A Bad Day All Around

Everything started out okay. I had a lesson scheduled for 11am and actually got quite a bit of work done before I had to leave my house. Got to the barn and saw that PJ was in a less-than-good mood, but nothing horrible.  Before I tacked him up I played a new clicker game with him.  I want him to pick up his foot when I tap him with the whip (give me your paw).  After he got a bunch of treats for starting to get it, he got in a better mood.  But that’s when I noticed his left hind leg was swollen.  It had been a tiny bit swollen yesterday before Bridget rode him but it could have easily been just a bit stocked up.  Nope, today it was definitely swollen.  I tacked him up anyway and told Barbara.  She watched him go and while he wasn’t lame on that leg, he was all over VERY stiff from his Bridget ride the day before.  We did only a little bit of walk-trot, which actually seemed to help him loosen up but we didn’t want to push him.  I decided to give him a Vetrolin bath and then put some additional liniment (Tuttles) on his especially sore spots like his butt and his stifles and his hind legs.  Well, I guess the two liniments together was too much and PJ started kicking out.  I quickly got out the hose and tried to get rid of some of the sting.  Hopefully it won’t blister.  I gave him a bute too.

That’s not the end of it.  Just as I was finishing, my friend Eileen and her friend came back from a trail ride.  I was walking to my tack cubby to put away my stuff and I looked over to see Eileen crumpled on the ground.  It turned out that as she was dismounting, she slipped on the grass and landed on her wrist.  Barbara rushed to get ice and the rest of us helped untack her horse and put everything away.  Because I lived closest to the hospital, I volunteered to take her there.  Many hours later, it was determined from the x-rays that it was indeed, broken.  I felt bad leaving her, but it was going to be several more hours before they would be able to splint it and send her home.  She sent me home.  I left her with the half of Dressage Today that I had read.  She said she wasn’t in much pain, which at least was one good thing.

So far, that’s all that happened but I think that’s enough.  May tomorrow be a better day for both man and beast.

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