I Believe

I believe in my horse.  I had hoped that we would make it to GP. Okay, I understand we’re not going to get that far.  PJ just doesn’t have the drive and I don’t have the ability and by the time I get the ability (I’m still hoping for this one), PJ will be too old.  My long-term goal has always been to show at Dressage at Devon, which is 4th level and above.  Okay, maybe PJ and I won’t get there either for the same reasons as we won’t get to GP.

But, I’m not ready to give up on him yet.  I know he’s not the most motivated fellow.  I know that he’s long in the back and not the greatest mover (descent but no natural suspension).  But I don’t think we’ll be stuck at training level forever.  Today he was really good and the better he is, the better I am.  I’m still learning a lot from him, and I’m having fun in the process.  We went for a hack after my lesson and it was so relaxing because I didn’t have to worry about PJ doing something dangerous.  I love this horse and I think he knows it, and that makes a difference.  Together we’ll get there, even if “there” is just second level.

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One Response to I Believe

  1. feistylynnie says:

    I love this post! I love that you keep on keeping on! You are learning from this horse you love and having fun in the process. What could be better? I am a musician and have a limited amount of $$ to spend on instruments. They each come with some performance problems. But when I learn to play well on the instruments I have, and then I get the opportunity to play on one that is much finer, I find out how talented I really am! I have learned to play much better because I have overcome those problems on my not-so-fine instruments. Not only that, another advantage is that once I have worked out the problems, I can better teach others how to do that than if I started out on the perfect instrument. If you and PJ get to the highest level he is capable of, I think that’s grand!

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