Wishing, Hoping, Thinking Does Not Make It So.

I rode on my own yesterday.  I tried to keep PJ on his hind end.  It was a bit cool, so PJ was a little more forward than normal, which helped.  I used the clicker and the whip.  When I asked nicely and he went, I clicked.  When I asked nicely and he didn’t do it, I got after him until he did and then I clicked.

I called Barbara later in the day about something unrelated and she asked about my ride.  I told her I thought it went okay but really didn’t know.  I got him to go.  When I did downward transitions I didn’t need to use my hands.  I could adjust his trot within the trot.  He cantered off exactly when I asked but raised his head a little to the left.  When I looked in the mirrors he looked nice, and he felt into contact.  But I wasn’t really sure.  I don’t have the feel.  She made me feel a little better by saying it sounded like it went well and that I did the best I could do.  We’ll see.

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One Response to Wishing, Hoping, Thinking Does Not Make It So.

  1. firnhyde says:

    When I feel like I’ve hit a plateau with one of my horses, when their training doesn’t seem to be going everywhere and it all feels flat, I try hard to ignore the big goalposts I’ve set for that horse’s future. Instead, in every session, I concentrate on getting improvement. Even if it is only a tiny, tiny improvement, it’s a step in the right direction, and if my horse has improved at all during the session, I count it as a good one. Your ride sounds good to me, as well. Good luck with PJ!

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