Going It Alone

It was with much trepidation that I turned into the barn driveway.  It was going to be the first time I was riding PJ since his Bridget boot camp.  And I doing it without Bridget and without Barbara.

I think part of PJ’s spooking last week was because he was just so tired that he was trying anything to get out of the work.  He usually has a good work ethic.  Although I think it was good for him, if I need to do this again, I’m going to give him a day off in the middle.  And the fact that he was bad with me when I got on him after Bridget on Friday was good too b/c Bridget talked me through it and now I have an idea of what to do when he’s good because it’s only a matter of degrees.  The same thing I did to get him to go when he was bad is the same thing I need to do when he’s good, only not as strong.

My ride today went well.  I got him in front of my leg and kept him there.  It was a lot of work!  I only rode for 20 minutes and took lots of breaks.  I didn’t want to get tired and then have him take advantage.  I have a lesson tomorrow, so we’ll see how it goes.

Bottom line: lots of inside leg. Keep the contact at all costs. Forward is off my seat and use the whip hard if he doesn’t listen.  Simple right?  Ha ha ha ha!!!

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