Girls Day Out

I gave PJ off yesterday and wanted to take PJ on a trail ride today because he would also get Monday off but I didn’t want to work him hard.  He really needed time off after Bridget Boot Camp.  I asked Betsy if she wanted to go with her mare, Allie, and she was in, then she told Kristen, and I emailed Eileen, the woman who just lost her horse, and she was in too, riding Phoenix.  We agreed to meet at 9:30am.

I showed up with beer to make it a party.  We started out towards the river because Betsy wanted to go up to our neighbor’s field but Kristen’s horse, Hailey, would have nothing with the stream.  So we changed our plan and went back to the barn where Betsy grabbed her young horse to pony her out.  So, we 4 women with three mares (and two geldings) between us headed back out.

We just made it around the cross-country field and behind the neighbors but that was enough.  Eileen was still getting over the loss of her horse, so any horse-time was both good and hard for her at the same time.  This was Kristen’s horse, Hailey’s first time ever on a trail ride, and she was great other than the water.  Betsy was ponying her new 3-yo, a feat that needs’ no explanation.  Each of had our own issues that we each overcame, making it not just a fun trail ride but a true accomplishment. (PJ got spooked when two other trail riders passed nearby on another trail, so he wasn’t immune).

Sometimes “girls just wanna have fun” and there is no better way than a good trail ride!

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