Camp is Over – Boo Hoo

Yesterday I rode Phoenix again and he was awesome.  We had lessons in pairs, which was great because it gave us each time to practice what we just learned while Barbara concentrated on the other person.  Riding a different horse really showed me my faults that I’ve gotten used to by riding the same horse ever day.  When we weren’t riding, we watched everyone else.  All of the input of knowledge was a little overwhelming and I think it will take us all some time to absorb it.

In the afternoon we had an hour-and-a half yoga lesson in the indoor.  Other than the flies that kept attacking us, it was very relaxing and helped us to unwind after our hard lessons.  We were amazed that as old and inflexible as we were, we could all almost touch our toes by the end.  Before dinner, we had a lesson on bandaging.  First we learned about stable wraps and then polo wraps.  One of the women who helped organize this brought us each handouts about bandaging in pretty colored folders (she’s a teacher).  After having a brief discussion about it, we pulled a couple of horses out and Barbara demonstrated how to do it correctly.  Then we all tried.  I wasn’t very good at it.

Then we all went in and had dinner (and wine) together, discussing about what we learned and how far we still have to go.  We talked about work and how we fit riding into our busy schedules.  We were all different and yet all the same.  The massage lady came and it was heaven just laying on the table and having my stiff muscles relax.  I ended up leaving at 9pm because my dog needed me, but I heard those who stayed partied until midnight.

This morning we all had lessons again.  I rode PJ.  I was hoping for a transformed horse after a week of Bridget riding him.  Nope. I got the same ole PJ.  It took 20 minutes and I finally got him, but Bridget gets him going right away.  I suggested that the last day she rides him that I get on right after her to see what I’m doing wrong.  We’ll see.

After lunch, a group of us went on a trail ride.  We were going to go to the field across the street where we went that other day, but two of the horses would not cross the stream, so we went around the cross-country field and then behind the neighbor’s property.  Two people had never trail ridden the horses they was on, another had never ridden the horse she was on ever (and she was barefoot and bareback, but she had on a helmet) and most people didn’t go out all that often, but all of the horses were wonderful and we had a blast.

We decided that this was the First Annual Adult camp and that we would have to do this again.  We were thinking maybe in October!  We can’t wait a whole year.

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