RIP Darby

Camp Day 2 was wonderful except for one very large thing: a woman at the barn had to put her horse down today.  Last week, Darby was diagnosed with a fast growing tumor and euthanasia was the only option.  After months of trying to diagnose what was wrong with him, the vet had an answer and it wasn’t a good one.  We were all hoping he could hold on at least another week, so his owner could come to grips with it all, but alas, it was obvious that he was in pain and putting him to rest sooner rather than later was the better thing for him.  He was only 7 years old and she had just got him last year, but he was such a perfect horse for her. Very sad.

It was good, though, that his owner was a fellow camper.  She rode my old guy, Fletcher, and had a great time.  It took her mind off of everything and we were all there to support her.  She plans on joining us for our last day of camp tomorrow when we will have another lesson and then all go for a trail ride.  I hope she doesn’t change her mind overnight when we’re not all there to distract her.  This could have happened to any of us, and it really makes you remember how precious life is.

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One Response to RIP Darby

  1. Dom says:

    So sorry to hear. How sad 😦

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