PJ Goes to School

I should have given PJ off yesterday instead of having a lesson.  I’ve decided (with input from Barbara) to hand PJ over to Bridget to ride for two weeks straight – Monday through Friday.  For the past four lessons I’ve been trying to get PJ in front of the leg and have been very unsuccessful.  I’ve seen minimal, if any progress, and I was getting frustrated.  Of course, yesterday’s lesson was good.  I got PJ in front of the leg and kept him there.  I think it was because Barbara stood in the middle of the ring with a whip to get him motivated and then instead of me staying in a 20-meter circle, I went around the ring in between circle work.  But I still think it’s a good idea to have Bridget ride him.

She’ll be able to instill in him some forward thinking.  She’s stronger and has perfect timing.  Me, as I’m driving PJ forward, I loose my position.  And I just started getting how to ride through my hips, but if I’m using my heel so much, I can’t be still everywhere else and then my aids get muddled.

Of course, this is going to be a rude awaking for Mr. PJ.  Bridget rides hard and she’ll be riding him every day.  Usually I give him off a day during the week.  And it’s hot – he’s not good in the heat.  I’ll probably end up giving him a bute at some point.  I’m a little worried about him.  He’ll definitely be stronger after these two weeks (whatever doesn’t kill you….).

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