Super Trail Ride

Betsy and I planned on going on a hack together.  My goal was to get PJ moving.  Betsy’s horse is an experienced event horse, so I thought she’d be perfect for PJ to follow on a good gallop.  Well, nature had other plans.  As I pulled into the barn driveway, I heard thunder that only got worse as I got out of my car.  So much for our hack.

The barn was busy.  It turns out another boarder, Eileen, wanted to come with us.  And then there was Bridget who thought about taking her 3-yo stallion on a trail ride.  Well, we waffled back and forth about what to do because of the weather.  A group decision was made to work two 3-YOs (another stallion and a filly) and then see what the weather was up to.  It turned out that it cleared up a bit and the four of us decided to risk it and head out onto the trails.

So, it was me on PJ, Betsy on Allie, Eileen on Phoenix, and Bridget on Faolin.  We headed out on a usual trail that PJ and I have been on many times before, but then we crossed the stream and went up a different trail, around a bend near a cliff, across a road, and up a driveway to a big field, which is where Betsy and I had planned on going.  The land belongs to a friend of ours and we went half-way around the field before taking a detour into her outside ring, where we all pretended to be schooling for a horse show.  After that, we continued on our trail ride and went back home.

All of our horses were great. The 3-yo stallion was fabulous. PJ and Phoenix were a little up but then they settled.  Betsy’s bridle came undone at the beginning of the ride (it came out of her mouth!) but Allie just stopped.  It was such a fun time.  We even made it back to the barn before the next batch of thunder.  I had been taking PJ out alone or with one other horse.  There’s definitely something different about a herd of 4.  It was a great experience for all of us – humans and horses.

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