It Was a Bad Day

Why do we want animals in our lives? I know the answer to this.  Look at dogs; they love us without us having to do anything special for them other than provide food and shelter (and even without that, they still love us).  Horses let us ride them.  Come on! We’re predators and these 1200 lb bunnies allow us to sit on their backs and tell them what to do.  And even though we are predators, they sometimes like having us around.

The love for my animals was tested today.  First, PJ wasn’t very good. He was back to slug mode and I had to get after him more than I thought I should.  Forty minutes into my hour lesson I quit. I got him to work half-way descent and didn’t have it in me to keep going.  I really think he may have been a little sore from our galloping yesterday.  I figured I would save the fight for another day, and I had other things on my mind.

The other thing was that the dog is sick.  I ended up taking her to the vet twice in one day – that’s sick.  We horse people like to take the wait-and-see approach, but I knew my 13-yo puppy was not well.  Yesterday she threw up everything that was fed to her.  The vet took x-rays in the morning and thought it was either an obstruction (very bad) or gastritis (not as bad).  However, as the day progressed, she got more and more lethargic, and at 6pm I rushed her back into the clinic.  My great vet stayed late for us.  Although the dog is still very sick, we think we know what she has – Lyme disease and anaplasmosis, another tick disease. Maybe.  We’ll know better tomorrow after her bloodwork comes back and if she responds to the antibiotics.  It’s funny how all of the knowledge I have about animal health goes out the window when it’s my own pet that is in need.  I’m sure parents feel the same way when their children are sick.  I was able to hold it together to get the tests I wanted taken (glucose) and the treatment I wanted prescribed, but it wasn’t easy to think it through (the vet wanted the dog to stay overnight to be able to get IV fluids; I suggested she send me home with subQ fluids, so she could be watched through the night by me).  She is currently sleeping at my feet and I’m just hoping that we have a correct diagnosis b/c the alternatives aren’t as promising.  This is so hard.

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