A Good Gallop Is a Great Start to the Day

I could just tell that PJ needed a break and not a day-off kind of break.  But with it being so hot and buggy, I wasn’t thrilled about going outside because the indoor was actually cooler than it was out in the sun.  I decided to check out how the cross-country field was, and was thrilled to see that it was still half under shade (I got to the barn before 8am).

In the past, fear has often gripped me when I’ve ventured outside of the ring, but today I felt different.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it was because last week PJ did a big spook on me in the indoor and I realized I didn’t die. (He actually spun around and bolted from one end of the ring to the other without stopping to look at what he was spooking at until he was far away. He had never done that before – usually he just stops and stares at what scares him.)  Maybe it was because it was so hot, I figured he would be too tired to do anything bad.  Maybe I just got enough sleep and was feeling good.

I started out trotting around but quickly progressed to cantering and then to a nice hand gallop – well, okay, it was more like a longer canter – we are talking about PJ here.  I finally realized why people like to event.  It was liberating and fun to just GO!  I think PJ had a good time too.  His ears were up and he seemed to get into it, even picking up the canter on his own as we went up a hill.  I wasn’t in complete control the whole time but I didn’t care.  We walked back up to the barn on a loose rein, both of us, just a little bit pleased with ourselves.


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One Response to A Good Gallop Is a Great Start to the Day

  1. feistylynnie says:

    Check out this silly dressage video!

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