Frustration + Thinking = Success

My lesson started out with 90+ temperatures and PJ having his own agenda, plus I couldn’t sit straight, which may be been caused by either or both of the former. Barbara wanted me to ride squares.  I was to half-halt before the turn and then go forward out of it. Sounds simple, right?  The point was to get him to sit.  I just couldn’t get it. I lost the outside rein mainly, which is really a sign I didn’t have the inside hind.

Barbara tried to talk me through it every step of the way but I still wasn’t getting it.  I stopped for a minute and listened to her explain it yet another time.  I thought for a minute and realized that I was half-halting too much – she had been telling me to half-halt only twice but it hadn’t made sense to me as I was doing it – but now it did.  I was determined to try again.  This time, I half-halted only twice and then sent him forward even though the turn wasn’t completed.  I was skeptical that it was going to work but it did!  I finally got square turns without loosing the outside rein and he went freely forward out of the turn.

This is not the first time I have needed to stop trying, take a minute, and regroup.  The brain works in mysterious ways and even though when I stopped to think I wasn’t processing any different information, it made more sense. Now if I can only remember what I did for the next time I ride!


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