Where’s Your Motivation?

I don’t know what has gotten into me.  I sometimes get to the barn and have no desire to ride.  Not sure why.  Lessons have been going great.  I actually have been seeing progress – it should inspire me  to ride.  Wednesday was one of those days and so was today.

I rode anyway both days because PJ had off 3 days last week and then this Monday off, so I didn’t want to give him another day off when I was planning on giving him Saturday off.  (confused yet?)  But on Wednesday I did without stirrups for a while and then practiced sitting trot with stirrups, which is much easier with my new saddle.  PJ had it easy because I rode him long and low.  It was a good stretch to his topline.  I only rode for 30 minutes.

Today I formulated a plan on my way to the barn. I wanted to work though parts of my tests. But when I got there, I just didn’t feel like riding.  Again, I did anyway and I stuck to my plan.  To PJ’s credit, he was fabulous and got better the more we did.  As a “reward” I decided to take him for a hack.  It turned out to be a reward for both of us.  PJ was never so relaxed, and as long as we stayed out of the sun, there were no bugs.  I just enjoyed being on his back enjoying the journey.  I saw a lot of toads and heard a lot of birds. It was lovely.

I can’t say I will be prepared to go back to training tomorrow, even though I have a lesson. And, I’m thinking that maybe I need to take a break more often for me, if not for him.  Or maybe I was just dehydrated or didn’t eat enough or get enough sleep.  We’ll see.

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