From Schoolmaster to PJ

One of the other things I realized from riding Jesse was that I ride too much around the ring.  It comes out at shows where I have to do a test that I have trouble doing circles.  Today, because Bridget was teaching a lesson at one half of the ring, I was forced to stay at the other end – circle time!

Using my new found realization that I need to do more while riding PJ, I really rode him today.  And surprise, surprise…I didn’t have trouble riding circles. I made sure to pay a lot of attention to what PJ was doing and then fixing what was not quite right (e.g., leaning on inside leg) and improving what was pretty good (e.g., a little more forward, please).  It was one of my best rides.

Jane was riding Jesse while I was riding PJ, which helped me even more to ride figures and not just go around or else we would have crashed.   When we were done, I suggested going for a hack.  It had been a little stuffy in the indoor but outside there was a nice breeze, and as long as we kept to the shade, the bugs didn’t bother us.  It was a good day.

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