The Value of a Schoolmaster

Barbara is away all week, so I decided to take a lesson with Bridget on Jessie, Bridget’s Prix-St.-George schoolmaster! I’ve been anticipating it all week.  I rode PJ first and then tacked up horse number 2.

He felt so different than PJ.  While PJ is a push horse, Jessie is a half-halt horse.  After watching the person who is currently leasing him ride and from what other people have said, I was expecting him to be much harder to than he was.  That’s not to say he wasn’t tricky.  He tried everything to evade going straight and round, but when I sat correctly and asked correctly I got him to collect and go in an upper level frame.  It was an amazing feeling to have him underneath me.  At the end, Bridget let me play with his tricks.  We did Spanish walk and an incredible passage!  It was so much fun.

I’m trying to figure out how to relate what I learned to PJ.  The biggest lesson that I learned was that I needed to do a lot on Jessie to get him to go right.  I was always pushing with my inside leg and half-halting on the outside rein and maintaining a loose jaw with my inside rein and either half-halting or sending forward.  I tend to leave PJ a little alone if it feels like it’s going okay.  I’m thinking I need to be more proactive when I ride.  There were also a lot of little things – like using my inside leg more.

I’m exhausted now and it will take some time to absorb it all.  But I had a great time and appreciate the opportunity to ride such a wonderful horse.


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2 Responses to The Value of a Schoolmaster

  1. Dom says:

    Horses like that are incredible. I’m lucky enough to be working with one in North Jersey. I get so much out of riding her that I travel 80 miles one way to do it. Glad you got to try the other horse!

  2. tryingtoride says:

    Anyone in the Flemington, NJ area who wants to ride this wonderful horse, can. Bridget is offering lessons on him and possibly a half-lease. He’s very safe and knows a lot.

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