What a Difference a Saddle Makes

There’s no question that PJ loves his new saddle.  Every ride since we got it he’s been much freer in his back and much more willing to go forward at all three gaits.  Me? I haven’t been as thrilled.

Linda Zang wasn’t thrilled either.  In fact, she hated my saddle.  Before my lesson with her got underway, she adjusted my thigh blocks and put a towel under the canter.  I have to say that I thought it felt better but there was so much going on that it was hard to tell.

Of course, I was in a panic on the drive home because I had just paid for this saddle the day before and the Linda Zang hated it.  I called up the person I bought the saddle from.  She laughed because said she’s dealt with students of Linda before and she’s found that Linda hates Schleeses and loves Hennigs, which was obvious from how she gushed over the saddle I had sold to Betsy.  We talked a little about how certain trainers have their preferences not only about brands but about how the saddle sits, and has found that Linda historically wants the cantle lifted.  She had no problem making the adjustment, but suggested I ride a little with a towel under the cantle before she rushed out to reflock to make sure that it’s what I was comfortable with.  Made sense.

Since the clinic, I’ve been putting a towel under the cantle and I have to say that I now like my saddle.  I don’t love it as much as the Wolfgang, but I do feel I can be effective in it.  Now I’m just debating whether I want to have more stuffing added to the saddle or should I just continue riding with a towel.  You would think this would be a no brainer – get the saddle reflocked.  But, on the one hand, everything seems to be working the way it is, so why fix something that isn’t broke, but then again, a towel doesn’t look good and is it creating pressure points?  Also, the person I bought the saddle from is excellent about finding saddles for horses and riders but not so great at flocking them correctly.  But she would be free and this would be a very easy adjustment.  Hmmm….

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One Response to What a Difference a Saddle Makes

  1. onthebit says:

    If you are happy I say leave well enough alone. You can get it reflocked in a month, 6 months, or a year if you are still not happy. If PJ loves it and you are fine with it I would say not to mess with it…

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