Festival of Champions It Wasn’t

Our barn had a road trip to Gladstone to watch the Dressage GP Selection Trials.  We saw Steffen Peters, Tina Konyot, Gunter Seidel, and Jan Ebeling, among others ride the GP Special.  I hate to say it but if this is the best we got, we have no chance in London.  Granted, Steffen wasn’t on Raval but he missed almost all of his changes.  I loved Tina’s horse but he seemed very tired and very uneven. Gunter had an error (yes, he went off course!) and his test was just okay.   The most consistent test was from Adrienne Lyle and Wizard, who really should have won but she just placed fourth (I think) today and tenth (I think) overall for the week.  The judging didn’t make any sense.  How can someone score a 75 on a movement they didn’t do? This is in reference to Steffen’s lack of tempi changes – he did maybe half of what he was supposed to do.  We’re in trouble.

We also stayed to watch the Brentina Cup because a woman who was competing had stayed at our barn for a few days before the competition.  We watched her do a very respectable test and didn’t think her score reflected the effort.  She ended up getting fifth, but I thought she should have gotten third or maybe fourth at the lowest.

It was still fun to be a part of the excitement and to see these famous riders up close.  It didn’t hurt that PJ and I had ridden down that same centerline only a few weeks ago – that was kind of cool to think about.  I don’t know if you’ve heard about the Colbert Bump dressage got this week, but in response, the show gave out foam fingers that said “dressage is #1” to the audience and sung a little song for Rafalca.  If you haven’t seen the original video from the Colbert Report, it’s definitely worth looking into.

I went home and gave PJ and big kiss on the nose.  No matter how fancy those horses were at Gladstone, I’m glad I have my PJ.


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2 Responses to Festival of Champions It Wasn’t

  1. feistylynnie says:

    Oh no! I am so disappointed to hear about the dressage selection trials. I thought that Steffen Peters’ second horse, Legolas was supposed to be terrific and they’ve been winning all over the place! Aw nuts. I’ve been keeping up with the selection process and from what I’ve been hearing, I thought we had a very good shot at having a terrific Olympics team. Was Tina Konyat riding Calecto V? I was just watching a 2010 video of them and they seemed flawless….. aww that’s awful to hear!

  2. Net says:

    I think Legolas was exhausted by the time you saw him. Steffen said from the start he wasn’t strong enough and he looks far better now than he did in the early videos I saw of him. I think he just needs to keep developing strength, and the fourth test in just over a week was a lot for him!

    But I did have the thought that we’re not in the running for a medal with the riders we have going. I believe if Gunter hadn’t lost his sponsors (and I still think about them and hope they’re ok, because the way that happened I think there’s something very bad going on in their health world, and hope I’m wrong) Tina would probably be our number 3 rider. I recommend watching Adrienne’s ride on usefnetwork.com with Axel’s commentary, because I LOVE her and thought her ride looked great, but the areas where she lost points it made total sense that she did. She did very well in other parts. I wish scoring worked a bit differently at those levels, though, because Wizard is one of the only horses you see who is very obviously and clearly changing into that super uphill balance! Since seeing them in person at the USDF symposium in December I am a fan.
    You are lucky to have gotten out there! I hope to make it out to Gladstone to watch at some point. Right now I’ll settle for making it to CA for a big show sometime since I’m a west coaster.

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