PJ Is On The Mend

The vet came back out and said his leg looked all better.  PJ still can’t get turned out in his normal field (he didn’t want him running or on the hill) but I can ride him now.

And I did get on him today – just walked and trotted. He was quiet despite being in for two days and having a bunch of screaming kids around (it was camp).  I didn’t ask him for big trot and I didn’t canter him. (As an aside, he seemed to like his new saddle and moved pretty free even if he was on the slow side.)

Barbara suggested I turn him out in “the oaks,” a smaller dirt paddock with a few oak trees in it, while I was there to watch that he doesn’t run.  He did run a little when he met his neighbors in the next field, so I went in there and got him.  I walked him around a couple of times and he seemed fine, so I let him off the lead and took a seat on the fence with a magazine.  PJ had a flake of hay and a paddock to explore but instead he bugged me.  He grabbed my magazine, he scratched my back (that was nice), he pushed me off the fence (not nice), he bit my shirt (also not nice), he gave me cute looks, and generally bothered me until I couldn’t take it any more (about 30 minutes).  I’m glad everything is supposed to be back to normal by Sunday.

I did make an investment today, and purchased wraps for shipping (http://www.sstack.com/shipping-boots/dura-tech-rapid-wrap-no-bow-bandage/) and new sport boots that I will keep clean just for clinics.  I learned my lesson.

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