Clinic Day 2 – Not

My friend, Maryann, and I were supposed to go up and watch part of the second day of the clinic but when I got to the barn I found PJ with a swollen leg.  Instead, I spent time cold hosing his leg.  I put a call into the vet and since he was coming to the barn anyway to check on a mare, I asked him to look at PJ too.  I’m just waiting for the vet to call me.  Barbara thinks he banged himself.  It would be my fault too.  I forgot to bring boots or polos with me to the clinic.  I had them in the car but didn’t transfer them to the trailer.  Hopefully he’ll be okay, but I’m feeling really guilty right now.

8pm update: Barbara called and told me that the vet was not happy with where the swelling and heat is – up high on the inside of his right hind leg.  He put a “cold cast” on him and he needs to stay in tonight and tomorrow night and then the vet will be back on Friday to check on him.  I should replace the cold cast tomorrow.  That’s it.  My poor baby.  Barbara still thinks it’s a blow.  I’m going to invest in these Dura-Tech Rapid-Wrap No Bow Bandages for shipping.  I don’t know that he did it in the trailer but these boots are easy to put on and recommended for trailering.  I don’t like those big boots that go over the hocks – they just seem so cumbersome to me and would create other issues.  As for riding.  I’m never forgetting my polos or boots again.

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