PJ Has Spoken…

…And he likes the Schleese Triumph best of all.  I tried the Schleese HK today.  It was supposed to be the exact same bottom as the Triumph but a little more forward and a deeper seat for me.  I have to say that I liked the HK better than the Triumph but PJ hated it.  I asked him to trot and he just stood there and wouldn’t move.  Not like him.  Usually he’ll move but like a slug.  When I finally did get him to trot it was very slow.

Just to make sure he wasn’t just having an off day, I put the Triumph on him and took him back out.  He trotted right off.  It wasn’t that really bouncy trot but we hadn’t really warmed up either, and he at least he didn’t resist going forward.

I have no clue why one saddle works and the other doesn’t, considering they are both supposed to have the same platform – and same size and settings.  Maybe the saddle fitter has an idea.  Regardless, I’m listening to my horse and since he likes this saddle, this saddle he gets.  Onthebit mentioned getting it directly from Schleese but I’m afraid that it’s this particular saddle that PJ likes and I wouldn’t want to mess around.  And since it’s a demo, I get 5% off the list price, so I think it works out in the end.

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