Still Confused

I rode today in the Schleese and played around with the thigh blocks.  Nothing felt like the Solo.  In addition, PJ wasn’t as bouncy as he had been yesterday in the saddle.  I think he was tired from being switched to night turnout, but it didn’t help me make any decisions.

I’m still confused.

Do I:

1) If PJ proves to like the Schleese; just deal with the fact that I’m not thrilled?

2) Keep looking for something we both like?

3) See if the Solo can be adjusted to fit.  The saddle fitter didn’t think this was likely to happen because of how it pinched his shoulders?  But was that just her opinion because she would have been missing a sale?

Any ideas?

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One Response to Still Confused

  1. Net says:

    I’d get your trainer’s opinion on what the saddles do to affect your riding. Uncomfortable because it’s making you ride better is great. Uncomfortable and causing your riding to be less is a definite no.

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